Our menu offers only pizzas, focaccias, some salads, fried eggs, homemade desserts
Sorry we don't have pasta, meat or fish main courses, no fries chips
You have to order at the counter using the notepads provided, writing your NAME.
On your order you have to specify the quantity and the type of food you want to order as follow: for ex. 1 pizza, 1 foc. with Parma ham, 2 foc. with Arselle, 1 salad B type...
Do not use progressive numbers in order not to mistake with quantities. As regards “focaccine”, you have to specify the main ingredient (in manu it is written in bigger letters), as we usually use the same dressing. On the contrary, if you do not want some type of dressing, you are asked to specify it on your order. For ex. 1 foc. with Parma ham, without any butter or cheese. If you write “pizza”, we mean a simple “margherita” and if you write “ham”, we use to mean Parma ham... and so on.

After writing down your order, stick your piece of paper in the nail provided on the counter. As soon as your food is ready, you will be called by the name written on your piece of paper. If you want to order somethingh else, ask directly the person who served you and you will get your food as soon as possible without further quequing.

The staff will follow the order of pieces of paper stuck in the nail, starting from the lowest one. You can check the wait time at the counter or on the displays provided.

You can take drinks by yourselves from the fridge counter and ask the staff for any request. For coffee and cakes, address the counter provided on the left.

You have to pay at the cash at the end of your meal. We do not make separate bills.
We give you a recipe note. If you want an invoice, please ask for them before asking the bill. You can use a Bancomat and the chief credit cards for paying.